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A family of five on the move.
Nice to meet you; we are: The one, The wife, The Natives.

We travel SEA since October 2014, having the time of our lives, feeling far from ready to stop, thinking what`s next…

Our home is where we are and wherever we go (sorry for the cliche)

Our home is where we are and wherever we go (sorry for the cliche)


So we took the red pill…. What ? Who ? Which pill exactly ?

Well, those of you geeks who have seen The Matrix trilogy more than one time surely know what the red pill stands for. In the film Neo was offered by Morpheus to choose between two pills. One pill is blue which will get him back to his previous illusion of cosy unaware miserable life which he knows. This is his comfort zone. A second pill is red. Now this one will take him to reality. Out of the matrix. He will need to face what he really is and get the taste of what is out there. Neo chooses… well you know…

So we decided also to take the red pill. We have our daily western world life. Most of it is working in a job in some high-tech consulting company. I find it hard to explain to my children what it is exactly that I am doing. I have a nice house. I have a decent salary. And still I feel locked up in a prison. I work like a slave from eight to six. I need to travel about one hour to work and then back again. I see my children at weekends. I am doing a job which I don’t find important. It is just making some more money to someone somewhere. It is the golden cage. The matrix.

The wife’s version – my daily Western life is rather good. I’m independent. I attend my children’s lives. I’m doing with my business (almost) only things I want to do. It took me a decade to be be accurate with it and today it is just great. Really. There’s just one problem – someone pays for it, and that person is my beloved one. The one I want to grow old with, (and I invested in a young man to make sure he would die after me …) At this pace of life, deep in the system, my beloved one pays the price in health of body and mind. The price of my comfortable life.

We decided that we will not continue it no more. We are out of the matrix. In a year or so from now we are out of here. Gone. When I say WE I mean ALL of us with our children. Where ? The options are endless. We will probably start somewhere in East Asia and wander on. This is exactly what we plan to explore and share in this website/blog. The challenges are countless: money, food, visas, education, friends, our assets at home. This is a process and not an easy one. We will step by step build our plan and actions to accomplish this and step away from the matrix.

The journey starts here !


5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Michael Boyink

    Greetings from the road in the USA! We’re an RV-based family and run http://topfamilytravelblogs.com to aggregate all the adventurous families out there. We added yo to that site, the blogroll on DitchingSuburbia.com, and gave you a shout-out in our weekend reads post yesterday.

    Love the site name and the source – golden cage indeed!

  2. Gillian

    Hey there — found you from Michael’s blog, and couldn’t believe how much your story resembled our own. We are a family of 3, recovering “techies” from San Francisco and have hit the road to travel and take back our life. Hope you are having a great time post-launch! — Gillian (rubber, road, abode.)

    1. wetooktheredpill

      Hi Gillian,
      It’s amazing to see how many people we’ve met during our journey from all over the western world share exactly the same story of feeling trapped in the rat race. It seems that you’ve managed to find your way out, at least for some time. Safe travels 🙂

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